• Trish's Mini Donuts

    Trish's Mini Donuts is a unique miniature version of traditional cake
    donuts. This donut is not a donut hole, but a bite size, round, perfectly
    proportioned donut with it's distinctive hole in the center. The donuts
    are served hot and are perfect for sharing.

  • Sparky's Mini Donuts

    "Probably the best this in City Walk. Wish they had other locations"
    We do! Visit us at Trish's Mini Donuts in San Francisco! Click here for video

What Our Customers Say...

  • "Amazingly good donuts!!"

    I can't get enough of these things. They are not too greasy and not too sweet. I love them so much so that every time I am at Pier 39 I get them. This last time I got a whole bucket just for me and my wife and we ate them all. Sdcyclist

  • "Fantastic donuts! Don't miss out!"

    5 of 5 stars My wife who absolutely hates donuts LOVED these donuts. We bought a bucket of donuts and they were gone before we got back to the street. Absolutely fabulous donuts. I've been craving them ever since we had them. Don't miss your opportunity. If you're anywhere close to pier 39 stop by and have some for me. Yum! Wise14u

  • "Bite Sized Bliss"

    Imagine disneyland churros in bite sized pieces and you have Trish's. So tasty and addicting, they're dangerous skulllead

Always hot, fresh and
delicious "A Little Taste of Heaven"

Made FRESH in front of you! See for yourself...